For installation, we recommend using Composer. You can install the latest stable version of Pino with command:

composer create-project risse/pino-project [your-project-name-here]

You can also download the project from our page.

Please check the Drupal 8 system requirements before installation.

After installing via Composer or package, the project should have folder called web. This folder needs to pointed towards the docroot of your web server of choice. Access this folder with your browser and follow the installation steps.

For more information about installation, please check the Drupal 8 installation manual.

User accounts

During installation, the wizard will ask for two accounts: Admin and Officer. Admin account is the main administrator account of the website, which has access to all sections of the website and maintenance. Officer account is the account of the user who will access the most commonly used functions of the website, like managing users, sending emails etc. We recommend using the Officer account as your daily user account.

How to extend

Pino can be easily extended with Drupal 8 modules and themes. We recommend using Composer or Drush to handle these contributed projects. For more information, please read about Extending Drupal 8.

Source code & contributing

The full source code for Pino can be found on Gitlab:
risse/pino-project (Composer project template)

Contributions are welcome! To file an issue, please use either our page or our Gitlab page. Pull requests, feature requests etc. are of course also welcome.