Managing your organization's members just got a lot easier.

With Pino, you can manage memberships with ease, send emails to your members about your organization's important issues and much more.

Pino Screenshot

Pino is an open source web app built on Drupal 8. Pino can be easily extended with Drupal modules & PHP libraries.

Pino is built by Vaiste Productions and Kristian Polso. The project came to life when we realized that managing our associations' members with a spreadsheet program just wasn't suitable and we needed something better and easier.

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Features that are included in the 'out of the box' installation:

 Manage members

Create, remove and update members, now with revisioning support included.

 Customize member data

Add custom fields attached to your members (contact details, membership dates, payment information etc).

 Send email messages

Send mass emails to all members, or filter the receivers by category, activeness and much more!

 Document archive

Save important document files to a secure storage archive. Supports several file types.

 Import / Export members

Import and export member data in multiple formats (ODS, XLSX, CSV and more).

 Extend functionality

Being open source and based on popular Drupal project, Pino can be easily extended with additional features.




/ year (EUR 59€, GBP £49)
  • For small organizations that require infrequent communication
  • Max. 100 members
  • Max. 50 email messages / mo
  • Hosting and security updates
  • Support via email



/ year (EUR 79€, GBP £69)
  • Most popular, for organizations of all sizes
  • Unlimited members
  • Unlimited email messages
  • Hosting and security updates
  • Support via email



/ year (EUR 179€, GBP £149)
  • For organizations with active support and unlimited scalability
  • Unlimited members
  • Unlimited email messages
  • Hosting and security updates
  • Premium Support

Try before you buy? Ordering includes a 30-day trial, no payment information is required!

Free (self-hosted)

We also offer a free and self-hosted option of our web app. With this option you can install the Pino software on your web hosting platform of choice and enjoy the full features of Pino. Please read more how to install and use Pino in the Documentation section.

Case Studies

Pino is already in use by multitude of different associations and organizations. Due to it's easy to translate interface, it's used natively by several Finnish and worldwide associations. Here's one case study of typical Pino usage by a Finnish association:

Case Study: Urbanlan

Urbanlan Winter 2017, organized by Urbanlan ry

Urbanlan ry is a Finnish association that organizes game events targeted for Finnish youth. With Pino, messaging and managing their members is easier than ever before.

Urbanlan uses Pino to manage their association with 50 members. The association messages their board and members using Pino's built-in email messaging system. The board also shares and saves all important documents like board meeting minutes to Pino's document database.

We ❤️️ Open Source

Pino is proudly open source, utilizing the strength of Drupal PHP Framework. Pino's license is GNU GPLv2.

Due to being based on Drupal, Pino can be extended easily with plethora of Drupal modules and PHP libraries. The full source code of Pino can be found at our Gitlab page.

We are committed to providing this open source project for everyone, with focus on accessibility and ease of use! Contributions are also more than welcome on our Gitlab page or page.